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So that you can view us 24/7 unrestricted again, we need this money!
Target : 220.00 - Achieved So Far : 94.98 - Target Left : 125.02 As Of 18:30 on 19/03/2013
(Note! - The amount of money we need has increased.  We used to receive a 'loyalty bonus' from our hosting company.  This bonus has lapsed as our visitors failed to raise the money that was needed by the July deadline)

This is a very important message - Please read it!
Because our visitors failed to raise all the money that we needed by the 3rd of July 2013, our website as it was no longer exists.  However, because I have put so much time and money (and blood, sweat and tears) into the website since it first launched in 2001, the website is still here but in a very restricted format.  Read the details of the changes to the website below:
  • I am now self-hosting the website from my own computer using my own broadband connection.  Because of this, the website will NOT be available 24 hours a day.
  • Because I am self-hosting, if I need to use the entire bandwidth of MY broadband connection, I will take the website offline.
  • If MY connection gets too slow, owing to the amount of visitors accessing the site, I will take the website offline.
  • If I am requested by my Internet Service Provider, I will take the website offline.
  • The 'Members Area' is suspended until further notice as this uses lots of bandwidth with the broadcasting of videos.  Members 'membership accounts' are suspended as of the 3rd of July 2013. (Members please see the note towards the bottom of the screen)
  • Website updates are no longer guaranteed to happen on the 1st of the month.  They will be carried out as and when I have time, some months may not receive any update!  If you want to know when the website has been updated, you will need to join our 'Mailing List' - which you will be able to access from the 'Main Menu'
  • I am no longer taking any requests for pictures or persons to be added to the website.  I figure that if you cannot be bothered to donate any money then I cannot be bothered to look for pictures for you!

It is very important that you only bookmark THIS page of the website.  This is because when you click through to access the website, you will be accessing the website via a numerical IP address.  The IP address is not fixed and will change periodically!

Please be aware, that this self-hosting of the website is NOT a permanent solution, as soon as I experience any problems with my internet connection or with my computers ability to do other things, then the website will be shut down.

So, if you ever want to have the website back, running on a fast server that can be accessed 24/7, then you must make a PayPal donation by clicking on the 'Donate' button located on the left of the screen.

NOW! - In order to access the website, if it is online, you will see a green coloured 'tick' in the 'Website Status' box.  If the green tick is showing, click on that tick and you will be taken to the restricted version of our website.

Note to members: If our visitors do ever raise the money that we need in order to move the website back onto a professionally hosted server, your membership accounts will be reinstated as of that date.  Your membership expiry date will be adjusted so that however many days the 'Members Area' is offline, your membership expiry date will be increased by that number of days.  We will also give all members a 31 day extension on top of that new expiry date by way of compensation for the 'Members Area' being offline. 

Total number of visitors since 6th January 2001 :
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